Facts about finding nemo

facts about finding nemo

Or that Nemo first appeared in Monsters, Inc.? The Pixar classic Finding Nemo turned 10 this year, so here are 21 little-known facts —and gifs!. We decided to dive deep and find some Finding Nemo facts you probably didn't know. (We're looking at you Sandy Plankton.) Just keep. Director Andrew Stanton decided Marlin came off overprotective and figured it best to start off with the back story to make the clownfish justified in his trepidations. Why Do Dogs Howl at Sirens? Animators had to find a way to simplify the reef while still making it believable. This type is easily recognized with an all orange body outlined in black, with three white stripes. Ultimately, the results were simply deemed "too realistic" for a cartoon. It is the classroom at California Arts University where many Pixar writers, directors, and animators attended, including John Lasseter and Brad Casinos on cruise ships.

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