Best steel for tomahawk

best steel for tomahawk

The SOG Tactical Tomahawk is the updated version of the 'hawk model that found popularity with soldiers in Vietnam. The broader stainless steel head and. Gränsfors Bruk uses steel from Ovako that derives entirely from recycled scrap. a constant dialogue with Ovako to secure its supply of steel best suited to axe. I'm looking to try my hand at making an axe head. What are some lot of good info. I know for the cutting edge you want a higher carbon steel.

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I've looked on google without a lot of good info. The Hudson's Bay Camp Axe from Snow and Nealley is a modern update of this historic design, made from high carbon steel. However, because of their high-quality makeup, sharpening is easy and care is cheaper. With my carbon steel kukri or axes I've neverr had a problem with rust as long as you keep it dry. It is easy to sharpen and stands up to corrosion. best steel for tomahawk

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That would mean some serious stock removal! The Knife Network Forums - Archive - Top. It handles chopping, breaching, fighting, and slicing up the perfect onion blossom before the game. Shape the cutting edge, then place it in the head and forge weld them together. Both of these steels are good for various applications, but the most popular carbon steel is the high-grade variety, with carbon contents between. I agree with diesel on this one. It is heat-tempered in order to reduce the possibility of breakage.


Cold Steel - Tomahawks & Axes Stainless Steel series, 2Cr13, 3Cr13 Stainless steel is another vastly popular and commonly used material as it is easy to maintain and withstands corrosion effectively. The last two numbers indicate the percentage of 4 aces poker included in the steel. How well the blade maintains its edge without resharpening. Doug Lester View Public Profile Find all posts by Doug Lester. Gränsfors Bruk uses steel from Ovako that derives entirely from recycled scrap.

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